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Ana Tzarev's Love & Peace flower sculpture at Národní divadlo

Ana Tzarev's Love & Peace flower sculpture at Národní divadlo
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Národní divadlo - National Theatre Tatra T3R.PLF at Národni Divadlo
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Location: Národní divadlo - Divadelní, Prague, Czech Republic  Statue  Love & Peace flower sculpture Ana Tzarev Wikipedia
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Ana Tzarev's Love & Peace flower sculpture at Národní divadlo

Ana Tzarev (born 1937) is a Croatian-born artist known for her large-scale sculptures and paintings, using pure, vibrant color in a unique sculptural approach. Her trademark style results in powerful and emotional images that chronicle dozens of rituals and scenes of daily life gained from her global travels and reflect a remarkable knowledge of history and cultural traditions of the countries she has visited. (Wikipedia)

Ana Tzarev is pleased to announce her most ambitious work to date:
a series of glossy, elegant 15-foot floral sculptures brightening galleries, museums, and public spaces across the globe. These remarkable fiberglass poppies, collectively titled Love & Peace, have travelled to numerous cities including Rome, Prague, New York, London, Singapore, and Shenzhen, drawing the attention of passersby and international press alike. The driving force behind Tzarev’s Love & Peace campaign is her belief that art is the bridge by which the world shall be connected, and that the wordless language of beauty will open conversations between nations to foster mutual appreciation and hope. As the Love & Peace campaign continues to gain momentum, further stops in its global tour are in the works, including installations in Istanbul and Venice (

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Love & Peace
Love & Peace

Name / Title:Love & Peace
Who / What is represented:flower sculpture
Sculptor:Ana Tzarev

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