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Myrafälle - Muggendorf

Myrafälle - Muggendorf
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Myrafälle - Muggendorf Myrafälle - Muggendorf
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Myrafälle - MuggendorfMyrafälle - Muggendorf
Myrafälle - MuggendorfMyrafälle - Muggendorf
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Location: Myrafälle - Teichweg, Muggendorf, Austria  Waterfall  Myra Falls
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Myrafälle - Muggendorf

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Myra Falls
Myra Falls

Name:Myra Falls
The Myra Falls (German: Myrafälle or rarer: Mirafälle; alway pronounced with a German "i") are located in a ravine in the municipality of Muggendorf in the Austrian federal state of Lower Austria (N.B. not to be confused with the Mira Falls (Mirafall) 50 km further west in the Ötschergräben). The ravine has been cut by the Myrabach, a small tributary of the Piesting. The Myra, as the stream is also known, rises at the foot of the Unterberg from the Myralucke, a spring steeped in legend, that is fed by an underground lake. Although the Myra is only a few kilometres long, it used to power a large number of mills and sawmills in the Myra valley.

In 1899 plans were laid for "the exploitation of this waterfall for industrial purposes and thus the destruction of a natural beauty".

In 1912 Lord Oskar of Rosthorn (Oskar Edler von Rosthorn) built a small pumped-storage power station at the Myra Falls, that was in operation until 1974/1975.

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