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Most Apollo, Bratislava

Most Apollo, Bratislava
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Location: Most Apollo - Apollo Bridge, Bratislava, Slovakia  Bridge  Most Apollo arch bridge Dopravoprojekt a.s. Wikipedia
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Most Apollo, Bratislava

Photo labels

Most Apollo
Most Apollo

Name:Most Apollo
Type / Design:arch bridge
Designer / Architect:Dopravoprojekt a.s.
Built year:2005
Apollo Bridge (Slovak: Most Apollo, provisionally known as Most Košická during construction, after the street leading to it) in Bratislava is a road bridge over the Danube in the capital of Slovakia.

The bridge was opened to the public on September 5, 2005. It is named for the "Apollo" (modern successor: Slovnaft) oil refinery which was situated on the left river bank in this area before World War II. Its curved lines, inclined arches and virtual absence of right angles make the geometric shape of the bridge very sophisticated. In an unprecedented maneuver, the 5,240-ton steel structure, spanning 231 metres, was rotated across the river from its construction site on the left bank into its final position on a pillar 40 metres from the right bank. The Apollo Bridge was the only European project named one of five finalists for the 2006 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award (OPAL Award) by the American Society of Civil Engineers.


The Danube is a river in Central and Eastern Europe, the European Union's longest and the continent's second longest (after the Volga).

Classified as an international waterway, it originates in the town of Donaueschingen—which is in the Black Forest of Germany—at the confluence of the rivers Brigach and Breg. The Danube then flows southeast for 2,872 km (1,785 mi), passing through four Central European capitals before emptying into the Black Sea via the Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine.

Bratislava Castle
Bratislava Castle

Name:Bratislava Castle
Building type:castle
Built year:9th century – 18th century
Bratislava Castle (Slovak: Bratislavský hrad, German: Pressburger Schloss, Hungarian: Pozsonyi Vár) is the main castle of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The massive rectangular building with four corner towers stands on an isolated rocky hill of the Little Carpathians directly above the Danube river in the middle of Bratislava. Because of its size and location, it has been a dominant feature of the city for centuries.

The location provides excellent views of Bratislava, Austria and, in clear weather, parts of Hungary. Many legends are connected with the history of the castle.

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