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Buran cargo bay

Technik Museum Speyer
Buran cargo bay
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Buran space shuttle OK-GLI Buran cargo bay
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Location: Technik Museum Speyer - Am Technik Museum, Speyer, Germany  Spacecraft  space shuttle Soviet space program Buran OK-GLI Wikipedia
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Buran cargo bay

Buran (Russian: Бура́н, IPA: [bʊˈran], meaning "Snowstorm" or "Blizzard"; GRAU index serial number: "11F35 K1") was the first spaceplane to be produced as part of the Soviet/Russian Buran programme. It is, depending on the source, also known as "OK-1K1", "Orbiter K1", "OK 1.01" or "Shuttle 1.01". Besides describing the first operational Soviet/Russian shuttle orbiter, "Buran" was also the designation for the whole Soviet/Russian spaceplane project and its orbiters, which were known as "Buran-class spaceplanes". (Wikipedia)

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space shuttle Soviet space program
space shuttle Soviet space program

Type:space shuttleAgency:Soviet space program
The OK-GLI (Russian: Орбитальный корабль для горизонтальных лётных испытаний, ОК-ГЛИ, translit. Orbital'nyy korabl' dlya gorizontal'nykh lotnykh ispytaniy, lit. 'Orbital ship for horizontal flight tests'), also known as Buran Analog BST-02 (БТС-02), was a test vehicle ("Buran aerodynamic analogue") in the Buran programme. It was constructed in 1984, and was used for 25 test flights between 1985 and 1988 before being retired. It is now an exhibit at the Technik Museum Speyer in Germany.

Mil Mi-2
Mil Mi-2 (small helicopter)

Generation / Type:small helicopter
Primary color:white
The Mil Mi-2 (NATO reporting name Hoplite) is a small, lightly armed turbine-powered transport helicopter that could also provide close air support when armed with 57 mm rockets and a 23 mm cannon.

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