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433 312 (V43 Szili) Budafok

433 312 (V43 Szili) Budafok
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M62 265 / 628 265 Szergej - Szepezdfürdő 431 147 (V43 Szili) Budafok
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Location: Budafok - Mária Terézia Street, Budapest, Hungary  Train  Ganz V43 (blue) electric locomotive MÁV Trakció Wikipedia
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433 312 (V43 Szili) Budafok

Photo labels

Ganz V43
Ganz V43 (blue)

Primary color:blue
Type:electric locomotive
Company:MÁV Trakció
Locomotive #:433 312
The MÁV Class V43 is a Hungarian-built electric locomotive, with a characteristic box-like appearance. It was designed and prototyped in the early 1960s, by a German consortium of 25kV/50 Hz AC rail electrification expert companies (Siemens, Thyssen-Krupp and seven smaller firms) commissioned by the Hungarian government.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W210)

Primary color:silver
Body style:saloon
The Mercedes-Benz W210 is a Mid-size luxury car which was produced by the German automaker Mercedes-Benz from 1995 through 2002 (production of the wagon variant (codenamed S210) carried over to the 2003 model year). They were sold under the E-Class model names in both sedan (saloon) and station wagon body types. In 1988, W210 development started three years after the W124's introduction. The W210 E-class appearance, which was designed by Steve Mattin under design chief Bruno Sacco between 1989 and 1991, heralded a brand new design idiom for the Mercedes 'face', which would continue until the W209 CLK. W210 design work was frozen in May 1992 and developed for a show vehicle by late 1992. Resultantly, this design cue was previewed on the 1993 Coupé Concept shown at the Geneva Auto Show in March 1993. This idiom was the mainstream fashion used by Mercedes-Benz for a long period, and later appeared on other models such as the CLK (W208, W209, C208, C209, A208, A209), C-class (W203, CL203, S203), CL (C215), and the SL (R230).Design patents for both the Coupé Concept and the W210 E-Class were filed on 25 February 1993 in Germany and August 25, 1993 in the US.

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