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Scania 113M 370

Scania 113M 370
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Location: Strand Street, Szeged, Hungary  Truck  Scania 113 (semi) yellow
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Scania 113M 370

Nemzetközi Kamionos Találkozó Szeged - 2001

Photo labels

Scania 113
Scania 113 (semi)

Generation / Type:semi
Primary color:yellow

Rába  D-566
Rába D-566 (breakdown truck)

Make:Rába Model:D-566
Generation / Type:breakdown truck
Primary color:blue

Scania 124C
Scania 124C (breakdown truck)

Generation / Type:breakdown truck
Primary color:yellow
The Scania G/P/R-Series, formerly Scania 4-series, is a truck model range which was produced by Scania in 1995 as the 1996 model. It was the successor of the 3-series and it came in five engine combinations and four chassis types. Production of Scania 4-series was stopped after its successors P-series, R-series and G-series were starting in 2004.

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