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Barbary macaque

Barbary macaque
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Barbary macaque Barbary macaque
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Barbary macaqueBarbary macaque
Barbary macaqueBarbary macaque
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Location: Budapest Zoo - Állatkerti körút, Budapest, Hungary  Animal  macaque Barbary macaque Wikipedia
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Barbary macaque

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macaque Barbary macaque
macaque Barbary macaque

Animal group:macaqueBreed:Barbary macaque
The Barbary macaque (Macaca sylvanus), Barbary ape, or magot is a species of macaque unique for its distribution outside of Asia and for its vestigial tail. Found in the Atlas Mountains of Algeria and Morocco and El-Kouf National Park in Libya along with a small population of unknown origin in Gibraltar, the Barbary macaque is one of the best-known Old World monkey species.

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